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Question. "What is the Inner Circle?"


Inner Circle is a Community of like-minded people focused on spiritual success and wellbeing. The Community exists in two dimensions:

Physical and Mystical. The Physical dimension consists of individuals, practices, courses, and intentions. The Mystical dimension is represented by Guides, Angels, Ascended Masters, and our Loved Ones in Spirit.


Inner Circle Program since 2019 


Included in monthly membership 


Prayers and special offerings for health, protection, and prosperity

Weekly energy-specific meditations with activations

 Monthly channeled healing energy (distance healing)

  Monthly Q&As (group psychic session) with Josie. Ask your Guides and Angels anything you need to know

Instant Access to best-selling courses:

 Heal With Angels (7-day miracle healing experience)

Heal Anxiety With Angels (Magical return to peace)

Abundance With Angels (21-day prosperity building program)

Manifest Your Dream With Angels (7-day manifestation marathon)

Heal Past Trauma (Deep soul healing experience)

Awaken Goddess Within (Awaken Divine Feminine Goddess, Sensual energy of attraction for women)

Attract The Abundance You Desire: Mind Retraining Program To Money Freedom

Heal Past Trauma: 21-Day Magical Meditation Program

  Attract Love You Desire: Mind Retraining Meditation Program To Attract Soulful Relationships

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Promil G.

I am feeling so grateful and blessed! I have no words to qualify your guidance. Thanks for being a good mentor and guiding us.

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